Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tech-E Assessment Tools or How to Make Assessment Fun!

I'll be straight with you...for me, assessment might as well be a four-letter-word, like data. I don't like giving tests, and even though I do it well, I don't want to take them, either. I prefer performance-based assessments that have real-world applications, but the reality of the education world is that my students have to test, and I have to collect and analyze the assessment data. This is not my favorite part of teaching. In fact, I could safely say that I teach in spite of testing. That is, until this morning. I learned about a few tools to gather assessment data that are engaging for students and teacher alike, and I'm excited to use them. That's right...I'm excited about assessment and data. Maybe for the first time. Ever.

Kahoot! turns testing into a game. The same information + new format = increased engagement. You can preview pre-built assessments, favorite them, copy them and make them your own, and get real-time instantly graded results.

Socrative: Ask questions and get answers. Students join your class and can answer or...wait for it...ask questions.

Padlet: Multimedia Q&A. Students join a class and can pop in questions, answers, images, links, etc. Powerful stuff for engaging assessment.

Today's Meet: Backchannel discussion on the questions of the day. Have students discuss a question as they research answers. Oh! The possibilities!

Comment. Let me know how these work for you.

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